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Rumba is a Polynesia, Mexicana-meets-Miami, and tiki-nautical themed bar and restaurant and is full of vibrant colours, finishes and creative and imaginative signs and environmental graphics. The bar, designed by Dawnvale, is quite simply stunning. They were challenged with coming up with “something a bit different” and we helped to specify many of the signage products in the scheme to give the bar its unique feel.

There are so many exciting neon signs with fabulous designs it’s hard to know what to choose to show off this installation, but the neon sign above, set behind an aluminium mesh, gives a good idea of how the designers pushed the boundaries to create numerous visual delights.

We wish them every success.

We started working with Starbucks in 2002, which was the start of a long relationship.

We have completed almost 700 stores in the UK and Ireland, comprising of new stores on the high street and drive thru’s. Due to the length of the partnership, We have refurbished many stores at least once.

Our service levels have been so high that our
Project Manager has outlived all the key contacts
in the construction team and seen many
structural changes to the business over the last 17